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Electric Pinwheels Wind Turbine Can Be Installed In 8 Seconds.

Take Part.

Select “energy” from the options at TakePart.com. Actions happen when people like you feel inspired to do something! Whether you have five minutes or a few hours, there is something you can do. This is your planet, so please, TakePart.

Be Resolute.

for a Healthy and Sustainable School. Work with parents, students, teachers, principals, district staff, school board members and advocacy groups to get your local school board to pass a framework resolution promoting sustainable and healthy schools.

Face Up.

Take action now and  ‘face up to four degrees’ with Practical Action.org Add your name to support the campaign  and you can add your face too if you like!

Do Something.

Select “energy” from the options at DoSomething.com and hit search. You can choose from tons of easy ways to do something!


Private citizens can do a lot to address world problems, but the solutions are not going to come entirely from the private sector. If you believe that your government could be doing more, then contact your elected officials and tell them about what you’ve learned and what you think should be done. Locate and contact your Elected Officials


One of the goals of One Peace at a Time is to inspire large numbers of people that they can make a lasting difference in the world simply by picking an issue and taking action. Join us on facebook.


If you’d like to support The Nobelity Project’s education work on solutions to global problems – or our Nobelity in Schools program which provides free classroom materials to teachers across the U.S. and overseas – click below to make a donation. And thank you – we couldn’t do it without you.


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