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Education – The Key to a Productive Life

Education is a critical factor for a healthy, productive life, but 75 million children do not attend primary school and 226 million kids do not attend secondary school. [READ MORE]


The Right to Education

Education is a fundamental right for every child. It is critical to human development of individuals and to the productive function of societies. It paves the road to a better future for every person. [READ MORE]

Education – the True Potential

People who are educated are more aware of their rights and better able to ensure those rights are respected. Education gives people choices. [READ MORE]

The Value of Education in the Developed World

The long-term benefits of educating every child illustrate the need and value of increasing the commitment to education at every level in every nation. [READ MORE]

“Hard Work Pays”

In terms of capital investment and payback, solving the world’s education shortcomings is a tremendous investment. [READ MORE]