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About Us

The Nobelity Project is a certified 501(c)3 education and action non-profit working toward a more peaceful and sustainable world. One of our principal goals is to connect people all over the world with reliable information and innovative thinking on pressing problems like global warming, the energy challenge, global health, economic disparity and development, cultural understanding, nuclear proliferation and general questions of war and peace. Teachers who join our Nobelity In Schools network are eligible to receive free DVDs that are complemented by The Nobelity WebQuest— a fully interactive Web 2.0 constructivist learning tool that provides students with current, reliable information, enables them to construct their own knowledge about the pressing world issues, and empowers them to “Pick an Issue”. The Nobelity in Schools program and the Nobelity Webquest deepen student engagement, using innovative web technologies to connect classroom experience to the real world. As students explore the Nobelity WebQuest they are encouraged, inspired and empowered to:

Get Smart. Get Involved. Have Fun. Change the World.